Stainless steel non-stick popular design cooker wok pot HC-01913

Short Description:

This non-stick pan is made of stainless steel, which is durable and has a long service life. It has two colors, gold and silver, and its style is modern, which is biased towards Korean style. Its size is 18/20/22cm, and its minimum order quantity is 40 pieces. The overall shape of this cooker wok pot is small and exquisite, which is popular with young people.

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1.The set of cooker wok pots has three sizes, namely, 18/20/22cm, which are suitable for different cooking needs.

2.The set of cooker wok pots can be heated by electromagnetic furnace, which is convenient to use and fast to heat.

3.This set of pots adopts polishing technology, which not only improves the appearance of the pot, but also ensures its practicability.

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Product Parameters

Name: cooker wok pot

Material: stainless steel

Item no. HC-01913

MOQ: 40 pieces

Color: gold and silver

Lid: stainless steel lid

Size: 18/20/22cm

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Product Usage

This small and delicate pot is suitable for cooking sauces, dips, noodles, milk, etc. This pot is not easy to rust, easy to clean, and suitable for restaurants. This cooker covers a small area and is convenient for storage. It is suitable for use in student dormitories.

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Company Advantages

Our company is good at producing all kinds of stainless steel products, especially stainless steel pots. Our pot is hard, resistant to falling and beating, and has a long shelf life. Our company has good after-sales service, so you can place an order at ease!

Our company has a professional team of foreign trade which not only is acquainted with every section of the process of foreign trade, but also greatly understands products packing. We can deal with the customers delivery professionally and export our own brand .What's more, we have OEM for requirements of customers. By professional service and strict self-inspection, we win the customers' trust.

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