Professional factory direct Korean 304 stainless steel golden bowl HC-00438

Short Description:

This metal bowl has Korean style and supports customization. In terms of quality, the bowl is made of 304 stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion and rust-proof. This rice wine bowl comes with a handle, which is easy to use and carry, and has the function of preventing scalding. The minimum order for this bowl is 200 pieces.

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1.This rice wine bowl has a handle, which is tightly welded with the bowl body, and is not easy to fall off, so it is safe to use.

2.This metal bowl uses brushed polishing, which is non-slip and non-stick.

3.This metal bowl is multifunctional and can be used to hold rice, rice wine and dips.

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Product Parameters

Name: Korean 304 stainless steel golden bowl

Material: 304 stainless steel

Item no. HC-00438


MOQ: 200 pcs

Process: brushed polishing

Handle: with handle/without handle

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ADBM (3)

Product Usage

This rice wine bowl is made of 304 stainless steel. It adopts polishing technology, corrosion prevention and rust prevention. It can be used to hold rice wine and other highly corrosive food. The handle design of the rice wine bowl has the anti-scald property, so you can use the handle to easily hold the rice wine bowl when holding hot food.


Company Advantages

Our factory is located in a region with rich stainless steel resources and developed stainless steel industry, which has congenital geographical advantages. Because we have our own factory, which saves the middle price difference, our products are cheap and have price advantages.


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