201 stainless steel 8/10/12L milk tea barrel HC-02209

Short Description:

The milk tea barrel has three sizes, namely 8/10/12L. Its barrel body is 201 stainless steel and its cover is plastic. The milk tea barrel is equipped with a switch, which can control the water level of the milk tea barrel. The milk tea barrel can be ordered from 8 pieces and can be customized.

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1.There is a switch on the body of the milk tea barrel, through it to achieve independent water intake and control the water level.

2.The lid of the milk tea barre is plastic to ensure that it is not hot when opening the lid.

3.The milk tea barrel has an arc handle, which is easy to carry and does not spill.

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Product Parameters

Name: milk tea barrel

Material: 201 stainless steel

Item no. HC-02209

Application: restaurant

Polishing effect: polish

Shape: cylindrical

Capacity: 8/10/12L

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Product Usage

This milk tea barrel has a large capacity, with 8/10/12L and other sizes to choose from. It is a special tool for milk tea shops, and is suitable for customers with large demand for milk tea capacity. The lid of the milk tea barrel is removable. After the milk tea barrel has been used for a period of time, the lid can be removed to clean the inner wall.

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Company Advantages

Our company is located in a region with developed stainless steel industry, rapid renewal of stainless steel products, and continuous innovation in product shape and function. Milk tea buckets are produced by our own factory, with guaranteed quality and cheaper price. At the same time, we can also provide customized services according to the specific requirements of customers.

Technological Advantage
Since established, our company specializes in stainless steel products including die sinking and polishing. We constantly research and develop various dedicated machines. Besides, we also develop new products in according with the customers’ products scheme.

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