Fashionable affordable durable stainless steel polishing cold noodle pot HC-01921

Short Description:

The stainless steel soup pot has a unique shape, deep body and two golden ears. Its handle is fixed with rivets to ensure that the handle does not fall off easily. It adopts polishing technology, and its surface is smooth without wrinkles and dirt. The cold noodle pot is available in gold and silver, with a minimum order of 100 pieces. The cold noodle pot is made of thickened stainless steel, with outstanding anti-rust function and easy to clean.

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1.The surface is finely brushed and made of hign-quality stainless steel, no rust and corrosion resistance, is good for human health.

2.This cold noodle pot adopts integrated molding process and seamless welding design.

3.Double ear handle design, not hot, rivet reinforcement for durability and higher load-carrying capacity.

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Product Parameters

Name: noodle pot

Material: stainless steel

Item no. HC-01921

MOQ: 100 pieces

Color: gold and silver

Polishing effect: polish

Packing: carton

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Product Usage

The style and color of this pot have Korean style, which is suitable for Korean restaurants. It can be a soup pot for cooking cold noodles. It can also be single hot pot. This pot is resistant to falling and suitable for children.

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Company Advantages

The products produced by our company become popular because of their good quality and excellent customization ability. We are among the best in the stainless steel product industry, constantly updating our technology and equipment, and constantly updating and improving.

Our company is located in ‘the country of stainless steel ’, chao’an district, caitang town. This region has history of 30 years in producing and processing stainless steel products. And in the line of stainless steel products, Caitang enjoys exceptional advantages. All kind of stainless steel parts, packing material, processing links have professional technical support.

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