Hot selling fry pan without oil with round bottom HC-02123

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The 410 stainless steel frying pan material has non-stick function and is safe for human body. It is black in color and has two handles or a long handle for easy use. Its pot bottom is very deep, and its size is 30cm/32cm/34cm/36cm, which can accommodate a large number of ingredients.

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1.The bottom of the frying pan is round to achieve uniform heating and ensure that the ingredients are not burnt.

2.The frying pan is equipped with anti-scald handle, which is safe to use.

3.The structure of the frying pan is stable, and it is stable and suitable for frying.

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Product Parameters

Name: cook wok

Material: 410 stainless steel

Item no. HC-02123

MOQ: 120 pieces

Color: black

Commercial buyer: restaurants, fast food and takeaway food services...

Size: 30cm/32cm/34cm/36cm

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Product Usage

This frying pan is made of 410 stainless steel, which is non-stick and easy to clean. It is suitable for high frequency use in restaurants and restaurants. The structure and shape design of the frying pan is based on human safety. The design of the two-ear handle is not only scald-proof, but also convenient to carry and suitable for daily use in families.

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Company Advantages

Our company has been engaged in the production of cooking utensils for nearly ten years. We have rich production experience, a large customer base and a stable production team. If customers need it, they can communicate with us about specific customization requirements. We will use our technology and machines to produce products that meet the needs.

Our company has a professional team of foreign trade which not only is acquainted with every section of the process of foreign trade, but also greatly understands products packing. We can deal with the customers delivery professionally and export our own brand .What's more, we have OEM for requirements of customers. By professional service and strict self-inspection, we win the customers' trust.

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