Easy washing deep flat-bottomed standard weight hotel food pans HC-02809

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This set of food pans is made of 201 stainless steel and has strong resistance to falling. It consists of pans of different sizes, which are 53/32.5/26.5/17.6 cm respectively. It is silver, its style is classic and traditional, and its minimum order is 200 pieces.

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1.This set of food plates has different sizes, and the height is 15/10/6.5cm respectively.

2.This set of food plates is corrosion resistant, can accept different kinds of food, and easy to clean.

3.Each food pan has its own size lid to keep the temperature and freshness of the food, which is more healthy for the human body.

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Product Parameters

Name: standard weight hotel food pans

Material: 201 stainless steel

Item no. HC-02809

Style: classic

Logo: customized logo acceptable

Shape: rectangle

Size: 53/32.5/26.5/17.6cm

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Product Usage

This set of food pan has high hardness, strong compression resistance and long service life, and is suitable for high intensity and intensive use in hotels. The food tray is equipped with a lid. When it is not necessary to take out the food, the lid can be installed to prevent the food from getting cold and dirty.

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Company Advantages

Happy Cooking is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel of kitchen , table wares, and hotel products etc. Our principle is customers is the most important. Good quality, better life is our goal.All of them are mainly for commercial use and popular all over the word. Our products have been sold well in domestic and international markets.

Our company is located in ‘the country of stainless steel ’, chao’an district, caitang town. This region has history of 30 years in producing and processing stainless steel products. And in the line of stainless steel products, Caitang enjoys exceptional advantages. All kind of stainless steel parts, packing material, processing links have professional technical support.

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