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I recommend you a very useful Steam Pot!


Published by Chaozhou Chaoan Caitang Happycooking Hardware Factory April 14,2022

Steam Pot is boiling water to evaporate into steam. The steam transfers heat to the food to make it cook. Different from cooking contact on water, steaming food is separated from boiling water, direct contact with hot steam. Steaming food is an effective way to make full use of the nutrients in food.

A healthy way to cook as food retains nutrients, texture and flavour


steam pot odm  stainless steel

Premium Quality】 All components made of high-quality 201 stainless steel match double-layer bottom and Integrated design, heating evenly. Stainless steel riveted handles provide extra support and balance when lifting and pouring


Separate Components 】Separate Components - Come with a large bottom pot, 1 steamer, ,1 lifter and 1 lid, fully equipped in our steamer pot set. Two type of steamer for choice---one with hold, one without hold. Independent components, dishwasher & refrigerator safe.


   【Extra Large Capacity】multifunctional design, 28/30/36 in diameter of bottom pot, different size options for choice, arched     lid design increase cooking space.


  【User-friendly】Transparent tempered glass lid, so food can be checked without losing heat. you can see the inside clearly.,       anti-scalding handle is better to grip, hole column of the steamer for adding water easily and non-stick gradient bottom.             Compatible with all kinds of stove tops such as infrared cooker, electric stove, gas stove, Induction cooktop, etc.


   【Multifunctional Steamer】Multifunctional Steamer - Can steamed and boiled at the same time. Perfect for                  steaming dumplings, vegetables, seafood, meat, bun, corn, crab, lobster. Boiling pasta, spaghetti, noodles, soup, egg.

steam pot odm  stainless steel

  How to use:

     First, add a proper amount of water to the bottom of the pot.

   Secondly, add water and rice/other food to the middle steamer.

   Thirdly, wait to be steamed. The visible glass lid can know the cooking progress.

   Insert the lifter hook to in to the column hole extract the steamer easily


    Positive customer feedback:

D****u: This steamer is an EXCELLENT adjunct to my kitchen equipment ! I use it all the time as a stock pot, and also as a steamer ! It is a beautiful looking set, and I am really glad I added it to my tools.

Y****e: This is definitely the steamer we are looking for. The size is perfect for cooking steamed buns, meat and fish for a family of 3 people.

S****t: This pot is the greatest! It's easy to use and clean. No rusting. I love being able to steam my broccoli.


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