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Roll top chafing dish equipment for buffet!


Published by Chaozhou Chaoan Caitang Happycooking Hardware Factory August 08,2020

Guide to Chafing Dishes


A chafing dish is a type of dish that uses indirect heat to keep food warm in a large and shallow pan. Chafing dishes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, and they can be used in many different foodservice settings. Keep reading to learn more about what chafing dishes are, what they’re used for, and all about the different types so you can find the right chafing dish for your catering business, hotel, or banquet hall.



Chafing Dish Definition

Chafing dish comes from the French word chauffer, which means to make warm. Chafing dishes use gentle, indirect heat to keep their contents warm. Additionally, roll top chafing dish  equipment for buffet chafing dishes are only used to keep food warm, and they cannot be used for cooking food.


Chafing dishes use a form of heat, such as fuel, electricity, or induction heating, to heat a pan of water to create steam which then heats the pan above that is filled with food.



What Is a Chafing Dish Used For?


A chafing dish is used to keep food that is already cooked warm. Typically, these dishes will be arranged in a buffet line and customers will serve themselves directly from the dishes. You can find chafing dishes in many different types of foodservice settings, and they are commonly used at catered events, banquet halls, and hotels.



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