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A good portable double lunchbox!


Published by Chaozhou Chaoan Caitang Happycooking Hardware Factory June 13,2020

Kangovou portable double lunchbox are durable.It's the perfect tool for storing and transporting food, providing fresh, ready-to-eat food without fear of any chemicals seeping into it.Its double walls provide double insulation, allowing food to stay warm or cool for longer periods of time.At the same time, its outer layer prevents heat from being transferred to the outside, allowing you to carry it without burning yourself on the surface because the food is too hot.Not only that, but its shell is made of bpa-free, non-toxic plastic, which is both environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly.The lunchbox also comes with a transparent lid with four hinges that you can open at any time to provide maximum freshness to your food.With this lunchbox, you can always enjoy a great meal without worrying about chemicals in your food.

 portable double lunchbox ODM stainless steel

BPA and lead free: all Kangovou bento boxes are 100% BPA free, lead free, PVC free, phthalate free and melamine free.These harmful chemicals are found in most hard plastics that make up most popular plastic food storage containers.These chemicals can deeply affect your mood and health, seeping into your food and causing mood swings, weight gain, hormonal fluctuations, heart disease and other health complications.Recently, the U.S. centers for disease control (CDC) determined that 93% of children and 95% of adults have been adversely affected by these chemicals at some point.

 portable double lunchbox odm  stainless steel

At Kangovou, we offer safe products for you and your family.Our non-polluting cutlery protects your child's health.Kangovou tableware is also environmentally friendly, with stainless steel insulation, safety plastic and a sturdy, snap-back lid for durability.The Kangovou dishwasher is a top-of-the-line dishwasher and easy to clean.

Kangovou cutlery makes your life easier and healthier, protects your food from harmful chemicals, and provides an environmentally friendly alternative to standard food containers.



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