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What kind of help can I get with a stainless steel kitchen strainer?


Published by Chaozhou Chaoan Caitang Happycooking Hardware Factory December 14,2019

Stainless steel kitchen strainer Made from professional quality stainless steel making it very durable hygienic and easy to clean ergonomically designed for great control and comfort in use.



MULTIPLE USES            

Grease splatter gone which eliminates all that cleanup time. Just a quick wipe and sparkling clean a terrific solution for the constant challenge to keep your cooktop and countertops clean. No more splatters everywhere even on the walls. It just makes cleanup a breeze. You will be able to both view what is cooking and keep grease from splattering. Bravo!


With it's very large and generous 12/14/16/20/cm size it will fit most all your pots and pans. No need for a set just this one saving you cabinet space. Just flip it over and put it on it's resting feet saving even more mess. What's not to love about less cleanup. Your versitile splatter screen is a multi-useful kitchen tool which is also a steamer, strainer and a cooling rack.




No more burns or blisters on your skin like little bee stings on your forearms after flipping foods in your skillet. No more aloe on standby after frying. Our kitchen strainer screen mesh is extra fine and tightly woven to guarantee 99% of all that spitting, popping and splattering hot grease stays in your pan or your money back! A must have kitchen tool!                           


Our stainless steel kitchen strainer is an intelligent quality build that is heavy duty having a very nice weight to it making it truly a luxurious kitchenware addition. Don't waste your money on flimsy, cheap knock-offs. Made from premium quality stainless steel which means it is guaranteed rustproof or your money back! Of course it is dishwasher safe for time saving cleanup. Will last for years and years.


stainless steel kitchen strainer factory

DON'T Don't unable have an oil-proof kitchen filter! 


✔ Stops 99% of your splatter 
✔ Multiple uses as a steamer, strainer or a cooling rack
✔ No more hot oil burns on your skins 
✔ Universal 12/14/16/18/20" can be used on different size pots and pans
✔ No more greasy countertops
✔ Easy to clean and store and is dishwasher safe
✔ Makes an ideal gift

Make your kitchen a safer, cleaner place and appreciate this essential kitchen tool for years to come!


stainless steel kitchen strainer supplier


Stainless steel kitchen strainer Built to Last!

Toss those flimsy cheapo kitchen strainer away and make sure you give our premium quality stainless steel screen a try.  The HappyCooking splatter screen will NOT bend, warp or break. Unlike similar products that have plastic handles that melt,  in place the HappyCooking Splatter Screen has been engineered with super strong reinforced stainless steel rods and a sturdy heat-proof handle so you can enjoy safe cooking.

You may rest assured that this kitchen strainer gadget is ready to withstand everyday wear and tear!



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