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Stainless Steel superb traveling kettle hot.It is made from stainless steel 201!


Published by Chaozhou Chaoan Caitang Happycooking Hardware Factory April 14,2022

There kettle hot is a whistle attached to the spout and it is finished with a cream body and black phenolic handle. It is suitable for use with gas,electricity and vitro induction also the handle folds for easy storage and space saving.

About this whistle attached to the spout  When the water boils, the sound reminds to prevent the danger of dry burning. In the process of water injection, it is in a closed state. When pouring water, it is pressed to open.


kettle hot  stainless steel tea kettle


The stainless steel bottom can quickly and effectively disperse the heat to the whole pot body, which can be heated evenly, corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance, ensuring health and hygiene .

Stainless steel lid design, made of bakelite material, three-point buckle design beautiful and durable, hot proof, comfortable feel, even when tipping will not fall off .

The handle is reinforced with bakelite material and stainless steel, which makes it more stable and comfortable to handle.Handle and body joint, firm and durable, long time use does not come loose, use more safe, strong bearing capacity


kettle hot wholesaler stainless steel tea kettle ODM


Note :

Phenolic Handle Whistling Spout CARE AND USE Never leave a hot burner under an empty kettle as well as wasting energy, it can discolour and damage the kettle.

Should your kettle be allowed to boil dry, turn off the heat and leave kettle to cool down before moving from heat source. Allow your kettle to cool down gradually before immersing in cold water.

Use only low to medium heat setting. At temperatures above 350 ‘c  . There will be discolouration. Above 500’C  the kettle will be irreparably damaged.

CLEANING For normal cleaning, hot or warm water with a household detergent, soft sponge or cloth is adequate. Never use steel wool or other abrasive products.

Not recommended for use in dishwasher. If discolouration or hard deposits form due to excessive heat application, cleaning with a little vinegar or lemon juice may remove the blemish.



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