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This bento box is made food grade 304 stainless steel !


Published by Chaozhou Chaoan Caitang Happycooking Hardware Factory March 02,2021

bento box 100% Leakproof! Plastic free, BPA-free, and non-toxic.Our gorgeous 100% stainless steel leakproof lunch box holds 1200ml in a single section. Plenty for lunches or for storage.

Crafted with secure, locking clips to make a leakproof seal. Easy to use for all ages. (Leakproof lid contains a removable silicon ring).

Made from highest quality  stainless steel.  Beware of lower quality alternatives!

bento box ODM  Leakproof Lunch Box

Heat preservation time :- 2~3 hoursIt's a High Quality Tiffin 
Lunch Box with Foldable Handle , Ventilation Holes , Separate Container Locks .Layer design allows you to separate your food and keep foods and flavors separate.The lid with extended fastening design,close the lid and box body fastening With no leaking no sprinkle and easy to carry.Standard lock system with heavy quality product. 

bento box ODM  Leakproof Lunch Box

Enjoy every home-cooked lunch in absolute style, perfectly compact, hygienic and safe lunch case for working professionals as it keeps your food not only fresh for hours, but also warm and tasty! This is a set of 3 round pieces in varying sizes that are functional, looks beautiful and long-lasting, while the design of the containers enables excellent space saving not only in the bag but also in the refrigerator, cupboard and, drawers too. Semi-transparent lids that enable you to look at the contents at a glance! Keep your food fresh and healthy in this handy lunch box that is easy to carry and easy to clean as well. 


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