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Stainless steel tea pot on the stove whistling?


Published by Chaozhou Chaoan Caitang Happycooking Hardware Factory May 24,2021

This beautiful stainless steel tea pot is characterized by easy handle, comfortable tea pouring and 1 × 5 L capacity. When the water is boiling, the teapot sizzles, and it is a very popular presence in your home.


Material:Stainless steel, Capacity: 1 or 4L. Easy to maintain: clean design, and mirror polished outside and inside. All surfaces are smooth, which means you can just wipe them in one swipe and it stays like new.The kettle will serve your family for many years.It resists corrosion, discoloration, scratches, depressions, cracks, you can think of.


Easy to fill and pour: It is well constructed. The cover of the kettle is snug, but not too tight for quick removal, and the spout projects enough that you could actually faucet fill from there. It is loudly whistle when the water is ready. You can open the cover and it will boil without making noise.


Safety design: The rubber sleeve on the thumb latch to open the spout is glued on, so no getting a burnt finger when the metals hot. The handle of the stainless steel tea pot is also padded too. Close the top completely, steam doesn’t come out the top.


Stainless steel tea pot kettle supplier


All stoves ring teapots, including sensing. When you are not in the kitchen, use a single whistle to remind you of the boiled kettle. Pressing the thumb on the kettle mouth makes it easy to pour wine-just prompt, open, and pour in a single movement. This is a good choice for your daily work, picnics and camping.


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