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Introduction of a good 12pcs cookware set Pots and pans!


Published by Chaozhou Chaoan Caitang Happycooking Hardware Factory April 14,2022

This cookware set has: Three soup pots, a fry pan, a milk pot, a kettle Pots and pans

Soup pot: 18L / 20L / 24L, different sizes could serve all your different cooking requires. Stylish and beautiful shape, very mordent in your kitchen

Each pot have two bakelite handles ,heat insulation and non-slip, the lid is temper glass lid, Could lock in heat and flavor but also allow you to observe the cooking state, more convenient for your to control the food during cooking.

 Pots and pans ODM stainless steel



Fry pan:  diameter 24cm ,made of S/S410, non-stick inner layer, easy to clean .

Glass lid allow you to see inside during cooking. knob is stainless steel but with plastic insert, a air hole on it to avoid over-boiling

 Suitable for frying meat


Milk pot: diameter 16cm, suitable size for 1-2 person food cooking.

glass lid, easy for your to know the status of your food during cook.The knob is stainless steel but with plastic insert, a air hole on it to avoid over-boiling.Suitable for cooking noodles, boiling milk, or do something else.

 Pots and pans OEM stainless steel



Kettle:made of food grade stainless steel with a stay-cool handle for safety use. It have a fixed whistle, stainless steel ring around spout, it lets out a pleasant toot when your water has boiled, so you'll never forget you've put the kettle on again.

Large capacity of 3 L, ideal for everyday use, as well as camping trips.

There’s no heating element, this kettle is simpler to clean than those with electric counterparts. And because it doesn’t need electricity, you can even use it on a camping stove.


This cookware set is a practical cooking product in your kitchen, good looking design to make your kitchen more active.

It is also good as holiday gift for parents & friend.


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