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Ready for dinner in 20 minutes with Fry wok pan and 8 ingredients?


Published by Chaozhou Chaoan Caitang Happycooking Hardware Factory June 13,2020

Yes, Fry wok pan you won't believe it till you try it: This pasta is streamlined in everything but taste, and the flavors are sublime.


Ingredients are minimal: The sauce is just cherry or grape tomatoes, thinly sliced onion, plenty of garlic, fresh basil, extra-virgin olive oil, and a garnish of Parmesan -- but they combine to create a rich flavor. There's culinary magic here: The linguine cooks in its own water -- none of the liquid is thrown away -- and as it reduces, all the lovely starchiness from the pasta transforms the remaining water into a creamy sauce that coats every strand.


Cleanup is a snap: This recipe fits so well with our "fewer pans = fewer dishes" strategy. All you need equipment-wise for this pasta dinner is a small paring knife, a straight-sided skillet, and a pair of tongs (much easier than a spoon for tossing the pasta to coat in sauce).

It comes together so quickly: Prep is short, and then you just bring everything to a boil and cook, stirring and turning the pasta frequently (using those tongs!). Dinner is ready in 20 minutes from start to finish.



A revolutionary technique: The recipe is inspired by a pasta one of our cooks tried in Puglia, Italy. Cooking the dried pasta in a skillet, not the usual large pot, along with the other ingredients seemed radical, but now we consider this dish one of our "back pocket" recipes. Soon you will too.



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